Safety Policy

Bonomelli Cannamela Division believes the primary objective and integral part of its business to be globally pursuing Safety and Health of Workers.

Therefore, the Board of Directors has recognized the opportunity to establish, maintain and document a Safety Management System complying with the international standard OHSAS 18001, to be certified by a certification body accredited by Accredia.

In order to actively contribute to a sustainable development Bonomelli Cannamela Division commits itself to the following:

right from the definition of new activities, or in the revision of those already existing, the safety aspects shall be deemed as essential contents; all risks associated with the activities carried out by the workers in the workplace and connected thereto shall be identified and objectively assessed; any and all technical and management measures shall be adopted as to prevent or limit any event that could cause injuries or occupational diseases; the entire organization (managers, supervisors, workers, etc.) shall participate, according to their functions and responsibilities, to the achievement of the assigned safety objectives, so that:

the design of services, the choice of equipment, places and methods of work, in addition to the organizational aspects, are carried out in a way as to safeguard the health and safety of workers;

information on corporate risks is made known to all workers and the training thereof is carried out and updated according to their individual specific task;

any needs emerging in the course of work activities is coped with rapidly, effectively and diligently;

cooperation among various company resources and collaboration with trade unions, employer organizations and external supervisory entities is promoted;

all applicable laws and regulations are complied with, specific procedures are defined and company standards, as identified with a sense of responsibility, are duly respected;

activities are managed with the aim of preventing accidents, injuries and occupational diseases; the design, performance and maintenance of work places and equipment are carried out to this end;

researches are promoted and supported as to expand the knowledge of the effects of its activities as to safety and health at work;

Aware of the need for continuous improvement of business operations, the Management shall perform the annual Review of the Safety Management System, during which:

the effectiveness of business processes, within an overall assessment of efficiency, shall be assessed; the safety objectives shall be defined and reviewed; the improvement projects, as part of the rationalization of business management in all its areas, shall be checked.

The Company also strives to ensure that this is not deemed as a goal but only a starting point: the established System shall define a working method that, starting from the planning of all activities relevant to safety, shall allow an accurate management and the subsequent improvement thereof.

In order to implement the Safety Management System and make it effective in the plant of Zola Predosa (Bo):

the infrastructures necessary to ensure safe conditions are made available to the staff: in particular, all workers are provided with the specific personal protective equipment for their business and the risks which they are exposed to, and everyone, with no exceptions, shall use them based on the specific training received; extensive education, information and training programmes for workers, supervisors, managers, and all Prevention and Protection Service staff have been established; in particular, the staff shall be continuously trained as to be ready to deal with emergency situations in the most appropriate way; specific performance indicators for the continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the Safety Management System shall be established, used and kept under regular review, having also set a specific internal audit program.

Each and every accident, whether occurred or not, or dangerous occurrence shall be promptly recorded and analysed, so that the collected data are communicated and used for the continuous risk assessment review, in order to prevent a recurrence thereof.

The external personnel is protected during the activities carried out at the site in Zola Predosa (Bo), thanks to a careful preliminary assessment of the possible risks of interference and to a prompt training and preventive information on internal company procedures and precautions to adopt in the workplace.

The Company shall ensure an adequate support in order to achieve its objectives, by checking whether the communication of the Safety Policy is understood by everyone, and by promoting any intervention to raise awareness and involve all staff as to achieve the planned objectives in compliance with the ethical aspects.

It is our firm belief that the Safety and Health of Workers are crucial needs for the company and that any action intended to protect them does not represent a burden, but rather a valuable investment for the future of Bonomelli Cannamela Division.