Our commitment to the planet is clear to see in the care we take at all stages of the production chain, applying ethical and sustainable choices.

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The main geographical areas all over the world from which we source our products. We want to guarantee the consumer the best quality, which is why we personally select them in their places of origin.

We collaborate with small and medium-sized farms for a shared project of sustainable development, respecting people and the land, providing knowledge and technology for a long-term relationship. One of these is the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme, which aims to favour the use of natural methods over chemical pesticides.

Where are the best crops we source from?

For spices: India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Italy, Europe, South America and Equatorial Africa

For herbs: Italy, Europe, Peru, North Africa and the Middle East


The companies around the world that have chosen the Fairtrade ethical certification mark for their products.
We are one of them.

With the Fairtrade Bio line, which includes only organic spices from Sri Lanka, we are part of a project that focuses on the rights of farmers and respect for biodiversity and the environment.


The checks we carry out every year to achieve excellence in our herbs and spices. By investing in technological and innovative tools, we have obtained the highest international certifications, such as the Food Safety System Certification, the main one in food safety.

Furthermore, by sanitising our raw materials and meeting the quality standards demanded by the market and consumers, we have become members of the organisations that safeguard the quality and food safety of herbs and spices.


The kWh of clean energy generated thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on our factory in Zola Predosa (Bologna), where we produce the Cannamela products. They are equivalent to the amount consumed in a year by 180 families of 3 or 4 people*. Montenegro Group purchases energy from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind, biomass and vegetable matter.

*Average consumption of 2700kWh/year per typical household of 3 to 4 members with a committed power capacity of 3kW. Figure for tax year 2021. Source: https://www.arera.it/it/index.htm#


The percentage of CO₂ that our distribution partners save, thanks to the implementation of important green initiatives such as intermodality, favouring rail over road traction or, where this is not possible, opting for LNG, CNG or EURO 6 vehicles on long distances.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover

In our factory, we strive to minimise waste, ultimately managing to give 90% of our waste a new life.
Even our jars can be disposed of in the separated waste collection when they are empty, and can no longer be used to add flavour and aroma to recipes.