Your tastes of home

Oro Line

Gold is the colour of the cap found in all Italian pantries. From the most common herbs and spices to the most sought-after ones, to the most versatile vegetables and cleverly balanced mixes.

Grinder Cap

With this practical cap, the spices are ground just before use, preserving the aroma intact over time.

Bionatura Organic Line

Only sourced from certified organic cultivations, which protect the biodiversity and vitality of the soil, they are perfect for cooking in a healthy, genuine and more sustainable way.

Le Regionali Organic Line

Our love for the Mediterranean cuisine and our land has produced the first line of 100% organic herbs and spices from regional Italian cultivations.

Turmeric Latte

A fragrant mix of 100% organic spices for preparing Turmeric Latte, a drink known for its many virtues that benefit the whole body.

Easy Recipes

100% natural mixes enriched with the finest herbs and spices, to add to your fresh ingredients to quickly and easily prepare a variety of tasty recipes.


Many 100% natural mixes of herbs, spices and iodized salt, ideal for enhancing the flavour of your recipes.


When soaked in water, they regain all the flavour and aroma of freshly picked herbs.


A vast assortment of herbs and spices also available in the simple and convenient Bag formats: Mini, Standard and Maxi.

The Pantry

Dedicated to all those who use large quantities of herbs and spices. The practical dual-flip cap allows the product to be dosed in both small and large quantities.

Fairtrade Organic Line

Supporting farmers and workers in developing countries to ensure them a better future through fairer trading conditions: this is the aim of the Fairtrade organisation.


A wide range of formats dedicated to the most precious spice, loved the world over.


In brine or pickled, a real reserve of flavour to keep in the pantry.

PET Jars

Ideal for catering, they guarantee optimal storage and maximum user-friendliness, thanks to the cap that allows products to be dosed in 3 different ways.