Our story starts from a small family business: a journey of passion and experience

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Our story started in the Lame neighbourhood of Bologna, when the Cannamela family decided to embark on a new adventure: starting up a spice trade with products from the best cultivations around the world.
This marked the beginning of a journey that would bring together ingredients from lands near and far.


We were still a small company when we began to venture beyond our home region, all thanks to an innovative choice: we decided to package our raw materials in transparent bags that were easy to use and had clearly visible contents.

These bags would later turn into the iconic packaging with its iconic dosing cap.


We patented the revolutionary Tappomacina, a glass jar featuring a cap fitted with a grinder for grinding the spices just before use. This is still one of our most popular lines today.

We therefore created a product designed to bring people even closer to the world of spices, making the daily act of cooking simpler and more practical.

The 1990s

In 1994 we were the first in Europe to introduce a sanitisation treatment for our raw materials, protecting the food safety of our herbs and spices.

1995 was another important year in which we joined the Montenegro Group. While preserving our Bolognese roots, it invested in improving production technology and quality control.


By collaborating with farms that pay close attention to biodiversity and the vitality of the soil, with crops that do not impoverish it, Cannamela Bionatura was launched in 2000: the first line of herbs and spices exclusively from organic farming marketed in Italy.


In 2018, we launched Le Regionali Bio, the first line of organic herbs and spices from Italian regional cultivations.
In 2019, we launched Fairtrade Bio, the first line to bring spices certified by Fairtrade, an international organisation that promotes the work and values of fair trade, to supermarket shelves.

Today, Cannamela is a household name in Italy, focused on innovation and always striving for excellence.